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Elastin Peptide Chicken Extract Containing Carnosine and Anserine
Elastin Peptide
Elastin peptide

Features of elastin

  Elastin is a functional material that is extracted from the blood vessels (mainly the aorta) of swine to high purity and is decomposed into peptides that are soluble in water. It is expected to function in preventing wrinkles and skin sagging.  

What is elastin?

  Elastin is a protein contained in elastic tissues such as the skin and blood vessels. It makes bundles of collagen fibers and supports the dermis. It is regarded as an important component for youthful skin in humans because its levels decline after peaking in the latter half of the 20s.  

Functional Data

  1) Activation of human fibroblasts 1)  
  Fibroblast numbers and collagen production were measured after the addition of elastin to a culture of human fibroblasts, followed by incubation for 5 days. Addition of elastin caused fibroblast activation and gave greater numbers of fibroblasts and greater collagen production than in the control group.  
  2) Viscoelasticity of the skin 2)  
  Viscoelasticity of the skin on the backs of hairless mice was evaluated by free-feeding of a test food containing 5% of elastin to the animals. The viscoelasticity of the skin was better in the treatment group than in the control group.  


  1. Toru Hayakawa et al., Meat Science, 48, 145-150 (2007)  
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